Paris: Occupation of Standard & Poor’s against the G8


Occupation of Standard & Poor’s against the G8

Thursday, May 26, the activists occupy Standard & Poor’s

While the financial crisis hits a nearly bancrupt Europe, things have yet to change. The problem remains the same: Faced with private financial crisis, the only proposed solution is a policy of public austerity. It ensures that the cost of economic irresponsibility is assumed by the majority of the population, including the most vulnerable. Globalizing austerity for the people, expanding the playground of multinationals, thus the project of the G8 and G20 could be summarized. In response to this logic, at the time when the powerful gather at the G8 meeting in Deauville, we decided to occupy the Standard & Poor’s rating agency. [Read More]

Slovenia: Ljubljana Community Gardens & Seed Swap

On the second day of our stay in Ljubljana PEDAL jumped on bikes with spades and forks and trowels for a working tour of four community gardens in the city. The group organising and looking after these gardens ‘Zadruga Urbana Collective Vrt’ have just started another garden in the autonomous free space Metelkova where together we built a bike fence and a compost system, and began work on a permaculture design for the land.

As we went in the sunshine to build more beds on an community allotment, our new friends explained that the growing spaces are on land set to be developed in to park space. The people who grow here have not gone through a council to gain a small plot but effectively have squatted the land- choosing an area and simply starting to work the land with little or no problem from authorities. This contrasts our restricted growing spaces in the UK where in some parts of London you are put on a 20-30 year waiting list. [Read More]

Athens (Greece): Joint fascist/police attack against the Skaramanga squat

Joint fascist/police attack against the Skaramanga squat in Athens is fought back by people defending the building At approximately 00.15 GMT+2 (around 45 minutes ago) fascists aided by police tried to attack the Skaramanga squat, in Athens. The squatters resisted the tear gas and the fascist attack, turning Patision avenue in a battlefield – soon after, the fascists were forced to retreat to Ipirou street.

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Barcelona: A Combative May Day Regained

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Just a decade ago, Barcelona was one of just a couple cities in the world known for maintaining a riotous tradition of combative May Day protests, with a strong anarchist presence. In more recent years, however, the First of May has tended to be as peaceful as Christmas. The events organized by the anarchosyndicalists of the CNT and CGT were more like parades, while the other anarchists were largely trapped in a squatting movement that was losing its ability to take the streets. Already by 2007, anarchists were bemoaning the loss of this tradition and attempting to recover it, organizing a May Day black bloc demonstration that was completely shut down by the police. In 2009, evidently recognizing that it would take more than a single year to reverse their losses, anonymous anticapitalists throughout the city organized a week of sabotage and other actions leading up to May Day. On May Day of 2010, they symbolically squatted a luxury hotel. In 2011, they were ready to reclaim their holiday. [Read More]

Copenhagen: Squat The Naval Mine!

May 4th, 2011

Occupy, share and enjoy the free space of The Naval Mine (Søminen) in Copenhagen. An action to occupy and liberate the area of an old storage facility for Naval Mines and turn it into a social centre. The area is located right next to the Freetown Christiania by the lake in beautiful green surroundings. It’s been open for several years and is used daily by picnicking cityfolks, graffiti artists, dog walkers, bird watchers and everyone else. We’re gonna keep on using it and open it up in style. [Read More]