Bristol: The Hub drop-in homeless advice centre re-opened by squatters

For the past two weeks The Hub in St Paul’s, the former drop-in centre for homeless people, has been occupied by squatters in protest against the cuts to homeless services.

The recently-closed drop-in centre provided emergency housing information for homeless people without the need for an appointment. Thanks to its closure, those seeking housing advice from the council must first get a referral to see an advisor at the main offices.

Council spokespeople cited violent outbursts, such as windows being broken, as the reason for its closure. But with Bristol City Council being forced to slash its budget for homeless services by £190,000, charity workers and many from the homeless community are convinced that The Hub’s closure has more to do with vicious spending cuts. [Read More]

Netherlands: Events and actions against the squatting ban (october 2010 – january 2011)

A timeline of events and actions in the Netherlands during the squatting ban

October 1st, 2010
The first day of the squatting ban.
Head of the police and a public prosecutor known for his hatred towards squatters are placed under 24-hour surveillance and protection after threatening texts (for example “an accident is just around the corner”) are supposedly painted outside their houses the previous night.
In Amsterdam 1000 people take part in a demonstration against the squatting ban. During the demonstration a house is squatted, and slightly later a riot breaks out when the cops charge the crowd. The police uses tear gas for the first time in years. 2 cops, 3 cop horses and several squatters are injured. One squatter is beaten severely and ends up in hospital with a fractured skull. 11 people get arrested.

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Berlin: Eviction and riot on next february 2nd ?

January 14th, 2011

The police in the german capital Berlin is expecting heavy riots around february 2. The police will evict one of the last squats in Berlin : Liebig 14.
Officials and newspaper say that this may cause heavy riots.


Today, 10 january 2011, the house project in Liebigstraße 14, Berlin-Friedrichshain, received a written eviction notice for all apartments. It will be enforced the 2nd of february at 8:00 AM. The lost legal processes and the failure of politics ! The eviction notice for our house project is the outcome of an almost 4 year-long legal struggle over the termination all apartments contracts, a struggle between the inhabitants of the houseproject and the owner Suitbert Beulker (also owner of the houseproject in Rigaerstr. 94) and Edwin Thöne, manager of the child protection association Unna. The pleaded ground for the terminations was the display of banners and Beulker taking offence with the construction of a door in the stairway.

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Torino: Vegan comics party at the Barrochio squat, on january 14th 2011

Torino – Barocchio squat – Serata Vegan Comics – Friday 14th january 2011



at 19:00

“Vegan” bellavita

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