UK: Squat Crackdown, Bristol Fashion

Autonomous society in Bristol is under serious threat as eviction faces the Stokes Croft Free Shop and Emporium, Frowning Motorcycle events space, Smiling Chair anarchist library, and three other squat houses. In a move that will effectively mean making 60-70 people homeless, the bailiffs have been getting busy all around Stokes Croft.

The anarchist library was hit by ‘heavies’ on Monday 8th,who started putting metal sheeting over doors and windows whilst people were still inside. The illegal bailiffs were quickly dispatched by the coppers, having been called in by the occupants, for attempting to imprison the squatters inside. Later the same night the Frowning Motorcycle events space, which is also home to 5 people, was targeted by more illegal bailiffs trying to crowbar their way in. Luckily, the space was secure and they left without gaining access. [Read More]

London: An empty police station is getting squatted

Monday 11 October 2010

A police station has been squatted in London in retaliation against police oppression.

What follows is a ‘communique’ from the occupied to the occupiers:

470 High Road Leytonstone

‘This is for everyone who has suffered injustice at the hands of the police.

This is for everyone who has been robbed by a banker,

This is for every soldier who was sent to war on lies.

This is for every refugee who is hounded for having there homes destroyed.

This is for the people who sleep on the streets on the outside of empty buildings.



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