Grenoble (France): Intersquat festival, march 20th-28th, 2010

Frontal attack / Head-lamp attack
March 20th-28th in Grenoble

It’s the end of the winter. Eviction time is back.

Because for squatters, the poorly-housed, Rroms, illegal immigrants, people who find it hard to pay the rent, the return of warmer days also means the end of the winter break for evictions.

To show that forms of collective solidarity exist against these dark aberrations and to highlight the wrongdoings of private property, from March 20th to 28th a «?Frontal attack?» will take place : an intersquat festival against evictions and private property, to reclaim the city. During the festival, numerous activities will be organized by/in different squats in and around Grenoble : a week of live shows, movie screenings, walks, vegan meals, discussions and more, to confront the political managers who are ru/i/n/ning our city and lives.

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Poznan (Poland): Rozbrat ? the final strike, demonstration on 20th March 2010


February 2010

The auction of the grounds where Poznan’s Rozbrat squat is situated will take place on 26th March at 10 a.m. Since January 2008, when the bailiff came to the squat for the first time, we have managed to keep the squat, through different legal actions and protests. If nobody buys the ground on 26th March, the next auction will take place within the next 2-3 years. That is why this is a critical moment for us.

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Berlin: 20years old birthday for the Koepi!

Koepi is gonna get 20y. old in a few days!

here is the party-programm, from 24th to 28th februray 2010, in german. It’ll be mostly concerts, and some movies and vegan meals as well:

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Bath (UK): New address for the Black Cat social centre

20 feb. 2010

Hi All !

Just to let you know that Bath’s premiere occupied community social centre, the Black Cat Centre is now happily settled in to its new home, and the address is:

Unit 3A
Riverside Business Park
Lower Bristol Road

The best way to spot the place is looking for a red door opposite Pickfords on Lower Bristol Road, although we’ll have a Black Cat sign up soon.

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Oslo: New collective eko-house


Oslo, freday 5 february 2010,

Dear neighbours, Nordmarka – and Maridal – friends,

Today, we started to live in several of the old houses at Skar in Maridalen, Oslo.

Before there lived 60 people, but now it is empty longer than 5 years and not in use by the owner. Left without control over the environment and deserted.

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