Bristol & London: Actiondays for squats and autonomous spaces



Squats and Autonomous Spaces: An afternoon of film screenings, free vegan food, talk and information relating to squatting and Social Centres in London on Saturday 19th September. Location: as yet unannounced. Keep checking email squats-and-autonomous-spaces [at] riseup [dot] net to stay updated.

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Vienna: Hausprojekt Action Week

“Hausprojekt” Action Week VIENNA – from October 2nd to (at least) October 9th 2009!!!

We want to implement our concept and basics for a self-governed project in Vienna and try to create space for projects, critical debates and collective living. Over 80.000 flats in Vienna are empty. Virtually a complete district waiting for self-governance and enough space for emancipatory projects. We need spaces, which are too rare in Vienna – Spaces we can take and form. For this, a full week long, there will be a diversity of program, and space for mutual learning, experimentation, reflection and framing.

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Athens (Greece): Exarcheia self-organised park under police attack, 5 arrested

In the early hours of Friday 4. 9. 2009 the self-organised park in Exarcheia once again came under attack by the police. Earlier, police jeeps tried to cross through Messologiou Street: the very same street where Alexis Grigoropoulos was assassinated in December. People present tried to resist the shameless police provocation; only moments later a full-scale police operation saw riot units surrounding the area, tear-gassing the people present and throwing them a percussion grenade. During the conflict a cop pulled out his gun, threatening to shoot.

From those arrested, one (charged with a “misdemeanor”, that is, graffiti) will be at court on Monday and other four will appear on Tuesday. The four are charged with felonies: molotov cocktails and stone-throwing, except according to eye-witnesses, not a single molotov was thrown in the area last night! They are all held in detention until then and it is possible they might be ordered in pre-trial detention – in Greece this can last up to 18 months.

In an hour or so, an assembly will begin at the park, spontaneously called after last night’s events. More info will follow. A more detailed account of the events is up on Athens IMC:

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Lesvos (Greece): Roof of Pagani occupied

This morning at 10 o’clock [august 31st, 2009], ten noborder activists from Austria, Sweden, Spain, France, Czech Republik, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany occupied the roof of the refugee jail in Pagani. With this action, we are increasing the pressure to finally get Pagani closed.
The activist state:

During the noborder camp, we were able to witness the brutal consequences of the European border regime here in Lesvos. A ship employed by the European border agency Frontex is hunting refugee boats, the Greek coast guard and the Navy do the dirty work. Human lifes don’t count.

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