Prague (CZ): We all are unadapted!

Media, politicians, neo-Nazis and even “decent people” have united in order to bring to light today’s biggest threat: the unadapted. The abusive characterization has began to live its own life. It is used for denouncing anyone who is not a favorite: Roma, squatters, ravers, the poor…

The unadaptability label seems to point out something about the labeling society itself. It reveals what its principal value really is: to adapt. It want us to be obedient career makers indifferent to our environment, always ready to conform.

“Unadaptability”, in fact, threatens the most important thing we have – freedom. Adaptable freedom is a contradiction in terms, we identify freedom precisely when it does not adapt.

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Prague (Cz): Squat Milada her_story

The story of villa Milada, one of the best known and longest existing czech squat, began 1st May 1998, when was squatted by group of people evicted from another building. Milada is situated in Holešovice district in Prague, north of the city center, near a river. On the place it stands was old villa quarter, which had to fall back on account of new colleges project planned in „communist“ regime. But from the college project are finally realized only three high-rised buildings. Milada also had to be demolished, but finally it was only deleted from the cadastre. Demolition never happened and since the time, Milada didn’t exist in documents. Squatters wanted to make an agreement with Institute for informations in education, the administrator of Milada and surrounding land, all the time, but despite this, unsuccesfull attempt to evict the squat followed soon. Eviction was unsuccesfull, also thanks to support of college students. In Milada took place concerts, annual Resistance feast (reminder of eviction attempt), Food Not Bombs cooking, projections….

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Most (Czech Rep.): Squatters’ protest in the town of Most

On Sunday 2nd of August 2009, an occupation of empty building in Most (northern czech town) took place: “By this direct action, we want to protest against a violent eviction and destruction of the Milada squat, which happened a month ago, when a security agency protected by police destroyed the space. This action is an inspiration and impulse to create new autonomous centers, open to alternative culture and free self-fulfilment.

We want to draw attention to many social problems that include increasing social differences, useless housing politics, gentrification and estranged relationships among people in cities. We understand squatting as a tool of change, ” said the spokesperson Teta Milada (Auntie Milada).

An exhibition of photographs took place as well as the one of many artistic creations. There was a poetry reading and a music gig.

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Brighton squatting action days meeting

Meetings every Monday 6pm at Lewes road community garden Brighton

Meetings to get involved with the squatting action days in Brighton 18th & 19th September

Meetings every Monday 6pm at Lewes road community garden Brighton

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Athens suburbs (Greece): Prapopoulou squat attacked, one immigrant beaten

August 2nd 2009
Fascist attack against a squat in Greece.

On 1st of August 2009 at 02:00 AM two thugs in helmets stopped with their motorcycle by the Prapopoulou squat and using iron bars they tried (unsuccessfully) to break doors and windows.

By pure chance at that moment a homeless immigrant, friend of the squat, was inside. When the thugs took notice of him, they launched a savage attack with their iron bars, hitting his head and body while engaging in racist hate speech. They then left, leaving behind them a container filled with petrol.

Neighbours heard the attacked man pleading for help and called an ambulance and nursed him. The fascist thugs failed to damage the squat. The general assembly was mobilised immediately, including comrades in solidarity. The fascists managed to injure, fortunately nor seriously, an immigrant.

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