Athens: You can´t bring us down!

Some informations about all the information-events, donation-shirts and other donation-s.t.u.f.f. for the squat Villla Amalias in Athens, which is squatted since 18 years. Two fire bomb attacks in May 2008 destroyed a part of the house. The reconstruction has begun. Following a statement of the Villa Amalias squatters:

You can´t bring us down!

About the first fire, the second fire and their reasons…

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Berlin: Liebig34 stays !

The house project Liebig34 in Friedrichshain, Berlin is one of the last existing autonomous and separatistic women, lesbian and transgender collective in Europe.

The political infoshop Daneben as well as the bar-collective XB-Liebig both uncommercial and self-organized spaces, are also located in the same building.

Squatted in 1991 and later legalized, the house still affirms itself as an autonomous and radical place active in the scene.

The Liebig34 has existed for 17 years. The house is internationally known, being an important meeting point for the emancipatory-feminist scene in Berlin.

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