Aubervilliers (Paris suburb): Eviction and Social Cleansing

Call for Solidarity* – Eviction and Social Cleansing in France

Solidarity from the Ministry of the Housing Crisis in Paris

The Ministry of the Housing Crisis was created earlier this January in Paris (Rue de la Banque), very close to the Paris Stock Exchange, when three active groups working towards the Right to a Decent Home, Housing Rights and Evictions, occupied the entire building (DAL, Jeudi Noir and Macaq).

At present more than 50 homeless families lives in the Ministry.

Here below is a call for solidarity for a recent threat of eviction of more than 80 families beacause of the social cleansing for the Rugby World Cup taking place in Paris. As already many evictions experienced in London for the preparation of the Olympic Degeneration (and many more evictions to come).

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Amsterdam: 1 year party of the squat Barcelona!

Whoa, never thought we’d actually get this far… But yep, we managed to survive a whole year. Time for a parrrrrty!

Good music, bad coffee, cheap beer and expensive cocktails, dj’s, fireshow and all that shite.

Saturday 8 sept. 2007
And, naturally, it doesn’t cost anything!

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