Freiburg (Germany): D.I.Y. – against the State

An intergalactical activist & anarchist convention in South Germany from 26th to 30th July 2006.

Squatters, artists and truckers from all over the world welcome!

D.I.Y. against the state – an intergalactical artist, activist, dirty squatter – and – trucker anarchist convention
and Reclaim The Streets

Freiburg (Ger) 26. – 30. July 2006

Freiburg is a small medieval town in the Black Forest in southern germoney, not far from what they call the Swiss and French borders. Especially during summer, it’s the perfect location for subversive activities of all kinds.

For quite some time you can find there the same disgusting tendencies as in any place: State control and police repression keep getting worse, free spaces are getting smaller or evicted. The local autonomous centre KTS could all too soon be the last auto–organized, non–commercial venue in the south of germoney, and it’s only safe until 2007. The wagon site “Schattenparker” has a 12 – year – history of evictions, and three month ago, 30 trucks and trailers have been confiscated by the cops, leaving more than 30 people homeless.

During the last couple of years, dozens of self – determined projects like squats, wagon sites or autonomous centres have been evicted all over Europe. We can not accept this apathetically. We need to find our ways to a creative and efficient resistance against the destruction of our spaces.

That’s the reason why we invite you, all people, action groups and projects, to participate in the convention in Freiburg from July 26 – 30 and help to organize five really constructive days. So far, the idea is to have a lot of rock’n’roll, workshops (like lock picking, anti–biometry, mechanics, first aid and stuff…), street art, Direct Action, presentations, gigs, parties and a big fat Reclaim the Streets on Sat. July 29. And a hell of a lot more…

Basically it should work like this: There will be the infrastructure in Freiburg for all kinds of activities (see above), and people can use this freely. So, if you want to organize something, write to:
d [dot] i [dot] y [dot] against [at] gmx [dot] de

This is the official invitation of all chaotic forces participate in the convention. We’ll inform you by mail about any news concerning the project.

Feel free to spread this to your friends!

If you’re interested, there’s some details on the organisation:

We’ll try to get some people translating stuff in the workshops and so on into English.

Anyone who would like to help as a translator, please write an e–mail or tell us once you’re there!


If you want to present you project, tell us, for example, why you got evicted or – much better – how you managed NOT having been evicted, what kind of trouble you have with the authorities/speculators/bastards, what we can do to prevent/avoid evictions, where are parallels in the ways authorities work, why your town is such a shithole:

Write the name of your project, technical stuff if required, preferred day, language etc. to:
d [dot] i [dot] y [dot] against [at] gmx [dot] de



Everybody knows something, and teaching each other is a basic element of d.i.y. culture. So if you feel like teaching your experiences and knowledge that might be of use for activists, just do it! Write (nick-)name, workshop, technical stuff if required, preferred day, language etc. to:
diy-workingpoor [at] gmx [dot] de





We invited a couple of bands already, but anyway, if you want to play, write us!


There will also be gigs on the street, for which there is (though limited) logistic support (equipment, vehicle…). And of course, in the Reclaim the Streets party there will be at least one truck with bands playing! Write the name of your band, style, preferred day, ready to play on street/truck etc. to:
d [dot] i [dot] y [dot] against [at] gmx [dot] de


You either just come and do your stuff, or, if you’re plannin’ something big, write about your idea to:
d [dot] i [dot] y [dot] against [at] gmx [dot] de


If you feel like doing some Direct Action, think about something good and do it. There’s space to prepare yourselves here.


You’re very invited to help making it an event of culinary anarchy!

Also check

d [dot] i [dot] y [dot] against [at] gmx [dot] de