Grenoble, France: Interview with ex-400 Couverts squatters

“Les 400 couverts” was a five houses squatted street in grenoble, france. It was a place i used to enjoy a lot, and i felt like interviewing its squatters in order to make people know about it. When we actually made this interview, they were about to be evicted so it was a bit particular : barricades in the whole street and houses, dozens of people around waiting for the cops to come, but in a relaxed atmosphere and while having daily plans such has building a hut in a tree, learning how to climb on a house, collective readings of the Road Protest movement in the UK. In a pub, xavier and I asked questions to julie and alain, and to aude the day after. The three of them used to live or organize activities in Les 400 couverts. The interview is very long as the discussion was very long and interesting, i already cut large parts, didn’t feel like cutting more. Thanx loads to nico and his friends who helped for the translation. Les 400 Couverts, and another squat that was very close, “La Kanaille”, have been kicked out one week after we made this interview, on august, 2nd, 2005, with at least 250 cops, who needed about 4 hours to evict everyone from the roofs and other places… Then there was a spontaneous demo into town. This was a moving and angry end… but it’s not finished and there are still squats and many plans in grenoble. [Read More]

No eviction of the Ex-Steffi!

The countdown is running, the city administration persists with their notice of eviction, which can be executed from February 1. on. We recieved the actual eviction lawsuit in January 2004, but we were able to delay the eviction by means of a settlement in court.

We are against the neoliberal insanity of the city Karlsruhe!!! For the preservation of the Ex-Steffi!!!

The city has been trying to sell the premises to the south of the central train station since 1988, but presently there is neither a development plan nor an investor. The city intends to invest 1 million Euros in tearing down our project to make the premises more “attractive”, so that yet more office space and commercial premises that nobody needs can be generated, and this will probably take 20 more years.

Artist’s ateliers are located on the same premises, wich are tolerated up to 3 months before the construction starts. The answer to the question of why we cannot recieve a similiar status is unnecessary.

Because, just like everywhere else, we are hoped to simply disappear- alternative culture, noncommercialism,dissent and criticism of the status quo. For the simple reason that we prove that alternatives work.

We are fucking sick of it! 15 years ago the Steffi/Ex-Steffi developed due to the neccesity for free eftist space, and for 15 years we have been fighting for our right to +exist! Let’s show those in power what they do not want to see! We are reality, our culture and our resistance cannot be forbidden. Participate in our actions with creativity and noise!

>From now on squatters’ breakfast every Sunday at 11 o’clock Sunday, January 8. 14:00 supporters’meeting Saturday,January 28. demonstration against nazi march, and since we’re there +anyways… Wednesday,2/8- Sunday, 2/12 and longer action days Saturday, 2/11 intranational demonstration

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