Sydney: Grand Midnight Star social centre squatted

On the 10th feb. 2002, SCAN (the social centre autonomous network) occupied an old theatre vacant for years, called the Grand Midnight Star on 55-57 Paramatta Road in Homebush. The occupation began at 8am with barricading of all entrances and other security systems being put in place. > The social centre is now open for workshops, meetings, forums, film nights, conferences, performance, gigs and other social and political activity. [Read More]

Porto Alegre (Brazil): Squat opened (and left again) by anarchists

Demanding affordable housing and real action to address issues of homelessness and substandard housing in Brazil a group of anarchists broke off of the official world social forum march and squatted a three story house. The squat was organized by a coalition of Brazilian anarchist groups who wanted to show that Porto Alegre isn’t the social democratic paradise that the Workers Party (PT) makes it out to be. [Read More]