Sydney: Broadway evictions halted by residents

Monday aug. 28th 2000 – this afternoon residents who squatted empty south sydney council buildings in broadway successfully defended their homes against the Council’s plan to evict them. Council had given the residents until 9am this morning to vacate the buildings. But the residents went into action building lots of support and getting mass media attention which has effectively forced the council to back down for now… maybe council will honour its commitment to assist homeless in south sydney area during the olympics year (we’re holdin our breath).

And big congrats to the broadway squatters!

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Yesterday’s news:

Sydney Housing Action Collective (SHAC):


Four Sydney squats are faced with eviction on Monday morning


Around thirty squatters refused council orders to leave by last Thursday, despite a heavy police presence and the threat of criminal trespass charges. The buildings – which have been occupied since February – are owned by South Sydney Council. The Council have signed a deal with a multinational construction corporation to demolish the buildings and build 130 exclusive apartments.

The squatters remain defiant. They will not be leaving until the buildings are demolished.






On the 3rd of august several policemen broke into the squat CSO HOSTAL DEL SOL in Tarragona (Spain) and evicted the building. They arrested the tow people that were inside.

There was a demo the same day and another one on the 5th with almost 100 people both.




Barcelona: Opening of a new squat

Last saturday, 5th of august, about 20 people squatted a new house in La Bordeta, in Sants district in Barcelona.

The people living previously in these houses had been kicked out because they want to speculate with the building, to re-construct it and then to sell them more expensive and so on…

There was a street party this day and brochures were given to the people explaining the reasons of having squated the building.

Blitz (Oslo) threatened with eviction


  Blitz (Oslo) threatened with eviction


The Oslo council wants to evict the autonomous youth house ‘Blitz’in Oslo. Grete Horntvedt wants the Cafe Blitz, Radiostation Radiorakel, rehearsalrooms, concerthall etc.etc. to move out. After a renovation some youth activities are allowed to find a place in the building but they should be for a ‘broader audience’.

The people who are active at Blitzhuset hope there still is a possibility to solve the problem via the council. If this offers no solution Blitz is prepared to put Oslo upside down The situation in Oslo looks peacefully. This is mainly due to the fact that there are some autonomous spaces. Taking away a very important one will change the balance. Blitz: If we have got nothing to loose anymore we don’t have to fear anything anymore.

Blitz is existing for 18 years now and was given to the people after a squataction somewhere else in Oslo. Since then there has been some attempts to get the people out of the youth house again. Some historical information in norwegian is available at

recent newspaper articles in norwegian:

contactaddress for the scandinavian part of squat!net: scan [at] squat [dot] net




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Southern African leaders have come out strongly in support of Mugabe’s controversial land reform program

SADC leaders back Zim land grabs


SOUTHERN African leaders have come out strongly in support of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s controversial land reform program, saying Britain should “honour its obligations” and provide resources for land reform in the embattled country. Ending two-day talks on the region’s simmering conflicts and tepid economic growth, the leaders of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) called on rich nations to write off foreign debt and expressed concern over unending civil wars in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [Read More]


New squat in Leuven (Be)


  New squat in Leuven (Be)


A new building has been squatted in Leuven (Belgium) and we’re gonna do a ‘Boycot marktrock-fest’ in it, during ‘Marktrock’ (commercial mainstream festival) with lots of local bands and parties. The address is: Scapenstraat 29, 3000 Leuven, Belgium (for all your moral support 🙂

We have a small website we use to give updates about the squat and the festival.



13 augustus 2000. Start: 15.00 h Mangenerated (Evil Noise Project from Tienen) Chipmunks (Shake it, Alvin!) Mutual Aid (Punk’s Not Dead!) Ulrike’s Dream (trashing grind from Leuven. LCBC) De Boze Geest (Wait and see) System To Nowhere (Great metalcore!) Intestinal Disease (back from touring in Brazil- welcome!) Restons Sobres (Portugese HC-band)

14 augustus 2000. Start: 22.00 h Discoparty (come dressed and shake it baby!!!)

15 augustus 2000. Start 22.00 h Reggae/Dub-party with great Live act!

16 augustus 2000. Start: 22.00 h hiphopparty of kaartwedstrijd: we still can’t decide what would be the coolest thing to do, play cards or party ’till dawn. making up your mind is a hard thing to do.

Entrance: 50 BEF to cover the cost that have been made when we tried to isolate the place.